2012-13 Race Place Catalog Cover Stories

Jordan Schweitzer Cover Picture

Kelsey Chenoweth

Kelsey is our Race Place Cover winner this season and has received a $1,500 award. She is from Stowe, Vermont and races with the Mt. Mansfield Ski Club. Not many people, other than Kelsey and her coaches, could anticipate Kelsey's breakthrough this season that culminated in her becoming the Overall J2 National Champion.

Her coach, Topher Harlow, attributes her success as directly related to her year-round hard work ethic. He reports that Kelsey is a fantastic person and a role model to all the girls in his program not only for her athletic prowess, but for her calm demeanor, level head and her support of all her teammates.

Kelsey gives credit to her coaches and parents. The coaches believed in her when she had doubts and helped her push to the next level to reach her goals. Her parents are also key to Kelsey's success with the sacrifices they make and support they give. She states that her Dad is a great wax master, but tries to hide in the crowd during her races so his bright yellow snow pants won't distract her during a race.

The crew at Race Place is honored to have you on our cover and wish you Good Luck in the future.

Runners Up

We planned to award just one athlete for a Race Place cover photo, but a number of athletes sent in great photos and compelling stories so we expanded our initial $1,500 award to include one additional $750 award and two $250 awards. The stories and photos of Bella Andreini, Craig Macfie and Barbara Settel are shown below.

Isabella Andreini

Isabella "Bella" Andreini

Bella and Kelsey each had tremendous results at the J2 Nationals at Mammoth Mt. and both submitted dynamic photos and excellent resumes. It was virtually a flip of the coin so we decided to give Bella a $750 award and the back cover.

She is from Park City and started skiing at two years old and now races with Rowmark Ski Academy. Bella says she enjoys ripping freeski turns around the mountain, skiing powder and most importantly the pursuit of speed in competition. She also participates in other activities such as lacrosse and yoga. Her commitment to assisting others is shown by volunteering for a variety of organizations including the Salt Lake Homeless Shelter and the Park City Recycling Center.

Patrick Purcell, her coach at Rowmark, says that Bella is unique in optimizing a perfect balance between social life and athletic competition. He says she is the “Perfect Athlete We All Want To Coach”.

Good luck Bella in pursuing your goals and dreams.

Craig Macfie

Craig Macfie

Craig Macfie's best friend, Robert Ring, submitted Craig's photo and a letter that brought tears to our eyes. Craig was unfortunately killed by a drunk driver in November 2011 while riding his bike home. Over 500 people showed Craig their love at his memorial service.

He was born in Colorado, but spent most of his adolescent life in Scotland before attending University of Oregon. Craig had ADHD and Dyslexia, but still managed to graduate with a GPA of 3.8. His ski racing accomplishments include many podium finishes and racing on the Great Britain National Team.

Craig is remembered for his generosity helping others. He volunteered at homeless shelters, coached other ski racers and mentored incoming freshman. He loved skiing and being in the mountains and his friend Robert remembers Craig saying “The mountains are my happy place”.

The University of Oregon Ski Team is receiving a $250 award in memory of Craig. Rest in Peace Craig, we will remember you when we go to the mountain and ski in your “happy place”.

Barbara Settel

Barbara Settel

Barbara Settel's letter to us stated “You probably think I'm crazy to think you would put a 62 year old woman on your cover”. She took us at our word when she received our e-mail newsletter that stated “We want you to be on our cover”.

Well Barbara, you didn't make the cover, but we are giving you a $250 award for your photo and story. A recreational skier as a teenager and in college, she stopped skiing for about 15 years until her children started racing as J5's. This got her competitive juices flowing and she went through NASTAR and then on to Masters.

Barbara has reached the podium 18 times at U.S. Masters Nationals, but more importantly she is “having a blast” with her own accomplishments as well as volunteering at races and supporting junior racing programs with donations.

She hopes to inspire other skiers to join Masters racing and enjoy racing on slopes all over the US. We are honored to give her recognition for her enthusiasm and promotion of the sport.

Keep “ripping it up” Barbara!

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